Enough of false politics and deceiving people!

Isamaa stands for the honest policy that ensures Estonia’s security and creates a foundation for economic growth to improve people’s livelihoods. Isamaa’s programme “Back to the right path!” formulates the biggest challenges of the coming years and provides necessary solutions to the most important questions of Estonia and the European Union.

Isamaa’s programme for the European Parliament elections in 2024

Isamaa is a national-conservative political party with its roots originating from the time before  the restoration of independence. Our goal is the preservation of the Estonian country,  nation, language and culture throughout the ages. As a right-wing political party, we  respect people’s freedom of choice and stand for democracy and market economy, which  are prerequisites for a strong economy and the protection of Estonia’s national interests. 

The uniqueness of Europe lies in the shared history and common Christian roots formed by  different national cultures and their traditions. Authoritarianism, radical Islamism, terrorism  and uncontrolled migration are threats to the foundations of European values. The European  Union and its constituent nation states should be able to resolutely defend their identity and  traditions against these threats. As a member of Europe’s largest political umbrella  organization – the European People’s Party, which unites Christian-democratic and  conservative political parties, Isamaa has a platform to stand up for Estonia and the European  way of life. 

The conservative worldview of Isamaa is open to innovations and reforms, taking into  account past experience as well as the far-reaching impact of reforms on the future. At the  same time, policy making should be based on common sense, which preserves the values and  best practices that have brought us to where we are today. 


There is a war in Europe. The foreign and security policy of Estonia and the European Union  should be based on a realistic risk assessment of the geopolitical situation. Together with its  allies, the EU should ensure the security of Estonia and other member states. We stand for the  victory of Ukraine and the defeat of Russia. To this end, the defence industry of the European  countries should be launched, the protection of Europe’s external borders should be ensured  and military and economic aid to Ukraine should be multiplied. 


Estonia’s economy is in decline for the third year and the EU’s economy is at a standstill. In  order to restart the economy, it is necessary to abandon the policy of commands and  prohibitions, the bureaucracy that strangles business, and ensure reasonable and stable  energy prices. The goal is to create new profitable jobs, improve people’s livelihoods and  encourage innovation. 


Enough of false politics. The crisis of confidence, governance crisis and economically hostile policy caused by today’s government inhibits the development of the Estonian economy and  people’s livelihood. Isamaa is a positive alternative proceeding from the best interests of  Estonian people and companies and Estonia’s security when adopting decisions.


Honest and determined governance 

Let’s stop false politics! The crisis of confidence and governance created by today’s government is  damaging Estonia’s interests. Isamaa bases its decisions on the interests of Estonian people and  companies and brings back honest administration. 

Estonian and European economy 

Estonia’s economy is in decline for the 3rd year and the EU’s economy is at a standstill. In order to  create profitable jobs and improve people’s livelihoods, bureaucratic restrictions should be ended. We  value market economy and end the policy of orders and prohibitions. 

Estonia’s independence and security 

There is a war in Europe. We ensure the safety and security of our people in cooperation with our  allies in the European Union and NATO. We will launch the European defence industry, ensure the  protection of external borders and create a framework that will increase the defence costs of all EU  members to 3 percent of GDP. 

Ukraine’s victory and Russia’s defeat 

The West has not done enough for the victory of Ukraine. We support the complete isolation of the  Russian economy, confiscation of assets and prosecution of war criminals. The EU military and  economic aid to Ukraine should be multiplied in order to liberate the territories occupied by Russia. 

Estonian national interests 

Estonia has been a member of the European Union for 20 years. We ensure the free movement of  services, goods and labour. We value good allied relations and cooperation, but are not afraid to  stand up for Estonia’s national interests. 

Competitive energy policy 

The energy policy of the European Union should ensure the energy supply of the entire continent.  Thereby, transparent and stable energy prices are important, which encourage investments in industry  and ensure a better livelihood for people. 

Sensible environmental policy 

The climate challenge should be dealt with based on common sense. When it comes to set goals, it is  important to think the decisions through and be responsible. In striving towards the goals, it is  important to support the competitiveness of the Estonian and European economy. 

Welfare of the elderly and families 

Estonia should become one of the best in the EU in terms of the most important social indicators. A  prerequisite for a strong social policy is a growing economy, which makes it possible to improve the  availability and quality of social services for the elderly, young people and families with children. 

Let Europe remain Europe 

We protect the European space of values and way of life. Europe is in a demographic crisis, in order  to get out of it, it is necessary to give families the necessary confidence that supports the creation of a  family. Mass immigration is not the solution and illegal immigration should be stopped. We value  Europe’s cultural and spiritual heritage and passing it on to future generations.